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The ebooks provided are unique in the sense that these books are all newly uploaded and released on this website by the authors William & Malinda Van Zyl. See the large range of genres covered in the SHOP EBOOKS section.

A. EDUCATION:  tHE eBooks cover several genres; starting with education, Design and Visual Communication, Technology Education, STEM, STEAM, Digital Technology, and Integrated Learning. The context of these ebooks includes a layered and integrative approach – breaking the ‘silo effect’ of teaching in separate, isolated subject areas (‘compartments’). The ebooks are for the discerned educator and learner. However, fun and enjoyment are at the heart of the resources.

B. Design and Visual Communication: 

C. Digital Technology:

D. Technology Education:


Additional ebooks are available which covers many other different genres and categories (non-fiction):



Sustainable Architecture

Maori lessons (New Zealand context)

Academic work (Peer-to-Peer Collaboration, Gifted and Talented) and much more.

Design and Visual Communication

Sustainability, Global Citizenship, Taking Social Action, Artwork, Model illustrating Sustainable Architectural design, Papermaking, and Pop-up Cards.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Collaboration & Peer Learning, Peer-assisted Learning.

Design and Visual Communication (DVC), SketchUp computer-aided software (drawing and design), Passive Solar Architectural design, Harvesting Energy from the Sun, and Wind,  Collecting rainwater, Miming Nature (biomimetics), Gifted and Talented Students, Technology Education,

STEM, STEAM: Lesson plans, Lesson Concepts, Lesson Ideas, and more.

*These Ebooks are ideal for TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION and teaching Digital Technology in class (Primary and Secondary schools). A must for teachers!


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