Minecraft Lesson: Minecraft Skin for USB drive (3-D printing)


Situation: You have a small usb drive and you are interested to install the usb drive into a 3-D printed model. You love Minecraft. Use Minecraft skins to inspire your design.

Design Brief: Design and 3-D print a Minecraft skin to contain a usb drive.

Specifications: Size of skin – size of a keyholder. Include a lid to protect the usb drive. Install the usb into the skin. Produce freehand sketches in 2-D & 3-D of the concept. Draw a Sketchup model of the usb skin. Produce work drawings of the skins including dimensions (front, left, and top view). Print the usb skin using a 3-D printer.


Minecraft Lesson: Create a Minecraft Character to contain a USB Drive. Making freehand sketches with dimension. Use Sketchup (3D Warehouse) & Tinkercad (3D printing) to prepare the file for 3D printing.

Freehand sketches: LD ShadowLady. Freehand sketches by DVC teacher. Credit: Mr Van Zyl


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