About the Authors


One of the authors of the ebooks is William Van Zyl an experienced Design and Visual Communication teacher (secondary school). He has a passion for STEM, STEAM & ESSSTEAM project-led teaching and learning. He loves Technology Education. He has the ability to create lessons/concepts – with heaps of innovation – which includes extravagant new ideas for Integrated Learning and Teaching. For example, using basic electrical circuitry, papermaking, pop-up greeting cards, and creative storytelling (creative, fiction & non-fiction) in a lesson or a unit of work.



Self-portrait William Van Zyl – Picasso Style: ‘Extravagant Thoughts.’ Credit: William van Zyl (2018). Tayasui Sketches. 

Author’s Profile

The author had an interesting and unique childhood. Not travelling abroad – as you would expect – but venturing into the fields, bushes, tools sheds and mysterious underground tunnels around his neighbourhood. His happy place was – and still is – tinkering with ideas, science, and new possibilities. Many times while cycling he will get new ideas; he brings the unexpected, the unique, the creative in a flurry on a page or in a sketch. To this day he dreams of vicious wars and sophisticated weaponry in an innocent child’s scout cave. He loves diagrams, timelines, cross sections, sketches, and details of sinister and hidden concepts and ideas; always looking for a new mystery to decode and to encode. He investigates and explores extravagant thoughts which he includes in children’s books and stories; he loves to include philosophers perspectives, articles,  intriguing stories, and poetry. Academic and research work are also his forte. He always offers a simple but practical explanation within an engaging context. Not your ordinary thinker! A lifelong scholar and teacher.


IMAGE: Underground ‘den’ or hideout: Sketch of a typical ‘scout hideout’ or ‘den’ (dugout)created by us as young children (primary school). The roof (not shown) was covered with timber beams and corrugated iron sheets. It was then covered with the excess ground. The grass was planted on top of the ‘roof’ to eliminate detection. Credit: Sketch by W van Zyl

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Malinda Van Zyl loves creating organic, ‘chateau-style’ and natural interior spaces. She has been a keen interior design enthusiast for decades. Malinda has developed a unique personal interior decorating style. She also is a keen reader of spiritual books.









Malinda. Sketch Picasso style. Ink, pencil & pro-markers. Credit: William Van Zyl.


IMAGE: Arts and crafts – making flowers from a book (old novel). Inspiration was taken from the flower shaped lid of the ornate bottle container (front left). See circularly shaped paper in the background for the flowers – first stages of the design process. Credit: Malinda Van Zyl

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